What is the Training Zone's Philosophy?
Training Zone is a highly specialized health and fitness facility; we are not a health club selling personal training. Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower you to achieve your best personal health and fitness goals. To accomplish this, we have created a highly personalized experience that increases longevity and fosters long-term health and fitness results.

Training Zone offers a variety of different classes and exercise coaching services to suit each client's lifestyle and fitness goal. Your workouts are completely customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Exercises may be modified or substituted to adapt to each client's unique history.

There are no set formulas, just sound professional expertise to guide you in reaching highest and best fitness level. Your progress, goals and objectives will be evaluated on a regular basis and we will adjust your workouts accordingly. Your exercise program is a process that evolves as you do. We continually update your workouts as your progress.

What makes Training Zone different from other workout centers?
Training Zone is Atlanta's only workout center recognized for its excellence by 6 national magazines.

Training Zone is a private core and functional class and exercise coaching facility with everything you need to realize your fitness potential. We specialize in providing cardiovascular, strength and flexibility coaching in a positive and energizing atmosphere full of outstanding amenities, advanced equipment and expert staff. The result is a fitness experience with diverse options superior to those offered at other gyms, health clubs and fitness studios.

Training Zone is an instruction-based facility. Clients workout by appointment only, which pre-sets the number of clients who are in Training Zone at any give time. You are always with either an exercise coach or instructor so you will always receive the attention, direction and support you need. We want you to show up, we know you when you walk through our doors, and we provide you with a personalized and comfortable environment to exercise in.

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Training Zone features the CycleOps indoor cycles.
These high quality indoor cycles are meant to fit, feel and ride like an outdoor bike. The indoor cycles are integrated with the PowerTap technology.

Fit. Feedback. Performance
Four adjustment points on frameset for true custom fit -Tailor electronic user interface to your training program -Download data to your PC via USB stick -Wirelessly records biometric information including power, HR, speed, distance, time and cadence and energy. -PowerTap 2.4 equipped.

What kind of equipment and amenities does Training Zone have?
Training Zone provides exercise equipment and peripherals of the highest quality, 10 LeMond cycles, 1 Cybex elliptical trainer and 12 Quinton/Cybex treadmills.

Training Zone features CycleOps indoor cycles. These high quality indoor cycles are meant to fit, feel and ride like an outdoor bike. The indoor cycles are integrated with the PowerTap technology.
  1. Four adjustment points on frameset for true custom fit.
  2. Tailor electronic user interface to your training program.
  3. Download data to your PC via USB stick.
  4. Wirelessly records biometric information including power, HR, speed, distance, time and cadence and energy.
  5. PowerTap 2.4 equipped.
Training Zone has clean and private restrooms with showers/changing areas. For your convenience we provide small towels for use during your workouts and larger ones for use after showers. We offer ample complementary parking conveniently located at our front door.

Is childcare available at Training Zone?
We know your children are precious to you, so we take their care very seriously at Training Zone. Child Care is available by appointment Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Child care is provided for only $5.00 per child for hour and you may purchase a series of 10 nursery sessions visits for $40.00.
Training Zone Childcare Policy Reminders:

Just a friendly reminder to those utilizing the childcare room.

We would like to take this time to go over some of our rules:

  1. Please Please Please No Food or Drink in the room. This helps keep the room clean and safe for any children with allergies.

  2. Remember we allow only a limited number of children in the childcare room each hour. To ensure availability, please remember to make advance reservations for each child who will be attending the childcare room.
    Before you enter the child care room, please sign both you and the child in on the green sheet and child care room sign in sheet. If you are staying for more than one class please specify when signing in.

  3. NO SICK KIDS PLEASE! Be considerate. We are trying to keep our kids as well as our babysitters HEALTHY!! Germs spread easily in small spaces, please leave sick kids at home. You may be asked to take your child home if he/she is sick.

  4. We can not change dirty diapers (we are not licensed for this), therefore we will get you out of class if the need arises.

  5. A parent must be on the premises when his/her child is in the child care room. Please do not drop children off early. Please sign kids in no earlier than 5 minutes before class starts and pick them up within 5 minutes after class ends.

  6. Due to liability reasons all children must stay in the childcare room and each child must be paid for regardless of age.
What makes Training Zone's classes different from other classes?
Training Zone owner Matthew Hurst created and teaches all classes. Training Zone classes follow an integrated and balanced formula of flexibility, stability, strength and power. Unlike many classes, you will never find this instructor simply leading a routine. Instead, Hurst believes all classes should provide clients with true "educated fitness". It is essential for a client to learn the correct way to move his or her body in every class.

There will be no admittance 10 minutes after the class is scheduled to begin. Punctuality is essential for all classes. Each Training Zone class begins with a warm-up designed to prepare muscles for the upcoming specific workout. Missing the essential warm-up is dangerous to clients. When a client is late, class must stop, instructions and demonstrations must be repeated. All Training Zone classes must be pre-paid prior to their commencement...

How are Training Zone's performance sessions unique?
Training Zone specializes in natural, functional workouts and strength training in a positive, motivating environment. Training Zone's 60-minute workouts are specifically designed and modified based on each client's individual profile (i.e., age, exercise history, fitness level, medical history, lifestyle, goals and specific injuries and/or conditions). During each session, clients are educated on proper technique, appropriate intensity levels and duration of exercise. At the same time, our goal is to provide a challenging and fun workout in a friendly atmosphere where the clients' goals are the number one focus. All Training Zone performance coaching sessions must be pre-paid prior to their commencement.

How long are Training Zone classes or performance sessions at Training Zone?
Training Zone classes and coaching sessions last for 60-minutes. We know that our clients are busy and so our goal is to keep workouts effective and efficient. If you exercise at the right intensity level for the right amount of time, you will achieve your desired results.

How can I schedule a class or performance sessions at Training Zone?
All sessions are by appointment only and can be booked/rescheduled online.

Why are the classes and performance sessions reserved in advance by appointment?
Training Zone strongly recommends making a reservation for all services. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee availability. Reservations may be made by telephone or in person and we gladly accept standing reservations.

Pre-scheduled or reserved appointments for classes or exercise coaching sessions create accountability and success. We are also committed to keeping Training Zone at a comfortable level of clients. Smaller numbers of people in the facility at any given time have the added benefit of allowing our clients to get to know one another and to receive more attention from Training Zone staff.

What is Training Zone's class cancellation policy?
To avoid being charged or losing 1 service in your series, all reservations for classes must be cancelled at least 12 hours before the class is scheduled to begin.

What is the Training Zone's performance session cancellation policy?
To avoid being charged or losing 1 service in your series, all reservations for performance sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the session is scheduled to begin.

Can Training Zone service be transfered from one client to another client?
No, Training Zone services are non-transferable.

Do classes and performance sessions expire?
Yes, all Training Zone services expire within 6 months of the date of purchase.

What is your refund policy?
All Training Zone sales are final.