"I have a neurosurgeon, I have multiple spinal injuries from years of abuse, and I have pain. I thought 44 was too young to make these statements but my MRI and x-ray's say otherwise. My surgeon said no surgery and no physical therapy.....get strong for life and start the minute you walk out of the door. I heard about Matt and and the Training Zone Program from a friend two years ago. When I called Matt he was extremely well versed in my injuries and what I had just seen and heard at the surgeon's office. He worked with me to make sure he had a grasp of my injuries and range of mobility. It sounds crazy but after my first visit I felt my feet solidly on the ground for the first time. After three weeks of customized exercises Matt thought I was ready for the "big kid" classes. It's been a month and a half and I feel great. I am awake. I feel my body and its presence in the room. The Program utilizes movements that serve me every day and strengthens muscles that keep me from being prone to injury. I continue to find balance, better posture and strength. Thank you Training Zone, this has made a tremendous difference in my life."

"I have been attending the Training Zone over the past 15 years and primarily for one class during that time. The quality of instruction and attention to the training regimens has been kept current and effective for over a decade by Matthew Hurst. When you attend a class at the Training Zone, you know that you will have a physical work out session in a safe and well planned format. It is a very unique and therapeutic experience unlike any I have ever participated in at other gyms."

"Been coming to TZ since 1998 for training and now classes. Have always liked the coach and team-like atmosphere of classes. Never feel like I'm competing with anyone. Actually inspired by all the hard working classmates and feel like I get the personal attention I need to stay healthy and keep improving." 

"I am 55 years old and have never felt better in my life! Being fit has always been a seemingly impossible goal, but I believe I am more fit now than I've ever been. I'm not finished, I will always have higher fitness goals, but working out with Matt for the past few years has given me a new perspective on health. Matt's classes are different than the rest - they are way ahead of them. This training is not a fad, it's not about the latest new piece of equipment. It's about finding out how to be the best you can be. Truly, I do not know what I would do without the Zone, and do not plan on finding out!" 

"I began going to Matt's classes at Training Zone three and a half years ago and it has changed my body and the quality of my life. I had been working out with a trainer and other exercise classes before coming to TZ. It is best overall workout I have ever done. I am 51 and my cholesterol is down, my stamina is up and have begun losing weight while the rest of my friends are getting that middle age bulge. I hate to go out of town if it makes me miss the classes. It is addictive. I even got my husband to start going and he loves it too." 

"I love coming to the Essential Body classes because they're always changing. I never feel like I'm just going through the same motions - each time is a new challenge." 

"I have been a TZ customer for almost twelve years after my oldest son was born. I had an autoimmune disease that caused a myriad of symptoms from exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, malnutrition and osteopenia in my spine. Matthew is so bright and I can say with all my issues, I never got injured in all this time. He works us out to be healthy and strong long into our old age using functional movement exercises, cardiovascular exercise through cycling or walking and all with our best interest at heart. He truly cares and this is evident in how we are all educated during the wirk out process. We are all trying to be strong and not get injured through uneducated, hard core, over the top exercise that is not practical for anyone for the long haul. God Bless Matthew and God Bless the Training Zone!"

"I lOVE working out at the Training Zone because you get a balanced workout of cardio and strength training, all under the instruction of someone who is trained, and TRULY cares about you and your long term conditioning and health."

"Having been at the Training Zone for 10 years, I have two words - HOPE - I hope I always stay in great shape and I'm always ENCOURAGED to keep on training and getting and staying in great shape! Matt gives us great hope and great encouragement. Thank you Matt! You Rock!!"